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About Lebkuchen

Lebkuchen Varieties
There are different theories regarding the origin of the word Lebkuchen. Theory has it that the name descends from the Latin word Libum = flat bread, cake, wholesome cake. In addition it has been referred to as, 'leb=Laib (Loaf) from the form of Lebkuchen or 'life cake' because of its wholesome properties.
In 1927 the term "Nuernberger Lebkuchen" was recognized as the name of origin by the District Court of Berlin. This meant that Lebkuchen with the name Nuernberg and/or packages with motives of Nuernberg is only allowed when produced within the city limits of Nuernberg.
Brown Lebkuchen
There are several types of Lebkuchen which are formed or cut out from dough but not baked on a layered wafer (Oblaten). These contain at least 50 parts of sugar or forms of sugar with products derived from grain or meal. They are also produced with or without oil seed. The natural oil content is at least 35% in dry weight.
Kaiserlein Lebkuchen
In the year 1487 emperor Friedrich III in Nuremberg held Reichstag and decided to invite all Nuernberger children to the emperors castle. Almost 4000 children were presented at that time with Lebkuchen with a portrait of the emperor printed on each Lebkuchen. This was probably the first time that printing was done on these products.
The dough of this Lebkuchen is placed on a wafer (oblaten) and is referred to as Onblaten Lebkuchen. The Lebkuchen contains at least 12.5% almonds and walnuts in the dough. A mixture of 14% nuts with oil seeds can be processed, where at least 7% of the oil seed must be almonds and/or hazelnuts and/or walnuts.
Fine Elisen Lebkuchen
The Wafer Lebkuchen was named after the daughter of a Nuernberger Lebzelters and are since 1808 masterpieces of the guild. Elisen Lebkuchen contains at least 25% almonds and/or hazelnuts and/or walnuts with a maximum of 10% grain flour or 7.5% starch or an appropriate mixture.
White Lebkuchen
White Lebkuchen (Weisse Lebkuchen) A unique specialty! The term "white Lebkuchen" is attributed to its light color, which resembles a biscuit. White Lebkuchen contains at least 15% Egg and/or one quantity of egg product or milk protein with no more than 40% flour and/or starch. They are manufactured exclusive in rectangular moulds and are plain. For decoration almonds with lemon and orange peel can be used.
Specifically designed for Diabetics these Lebkuchen comprise of a selection of the finest assortments. During production special care is exercised to adhere to the regulations applicable to diabetics requirements.

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