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About Us

GDH-Trading is owned and operated by:
George and Dagmar Hollmers
8078 Clems Branch Rd
Fort Mill, SC 29707
Telephone - Customer Support (800) 210-6527
Telephone: (803) 548-0946
E-Mail: sales@gdh-trading.com

Frequently Asked Questions

Please take a moment to review the information we have provided to the most frequently asked questions. We will expand this list as required.
How do I reach you if I have questions ...?
Simply click on the "Contact Us" Tab
Do you have a printed catalog ...?
No. We currently do not publish a separate catalog. Our web site serves as our catalog and includes full details and description both in English and German.
Do you take phone orders...?
Yes, we do take phone orders ... time permitting and we limit phone orders to the aspect of you providing us with your credit card information only. Phone order would be limited to normal store hours which in most instances would range from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Our store in cyberspace is open 24 hours a day, 365 days per year and you can place your orders at your convenience. But we discourage phone orders for several reasons.
We are a seasonal business and we do not have the staff to take orders over the phone. Verbal communications result in errors. We may misunderstand the details you provide over the phone or we may make a mistake in taking down your 'Bill To' address and then your credit card is declined since your card will not pass the 'Address Verification' test imposed on all transactions by the credit card companies. Or we make an error in your credit card or the recording the 'security code' and we have to make a second or third call to get the correct information from you.
We have made our site secure so you don't have to be concerned about leaving your credit card information with our payment gateway. We use 'Authorize.net' to process your credit card information. This site is also secure.
You may place your order online and use the 'Credit Card sent separately' option. We will receive your order, but not your payment. You may then call us (Tel: 954 346-4195) with your credit card information. Keep in mind, this will delay your order since we will have to process your order manually and call in the credit card information is over the phone to obtain approval. Please... if at all possible, use our automated shopping cart. You will have the following advantages.
1. You will receive an order confirmation via E-Mail.
2. You will receive a confirmation from the Payment Gateway as to the amount charged to your credit card.
3. You will receive your UPS Tracking Number automatically once we have made shipment.
Do you have a retail store where I can shop ...?
No, our business is currently strictly 'Mail Order'. It allows us to keep our overhead low and this in turn enables us to pass the savings on to you in the form of lower prices.
How do I order if I do not have a credit card ...?
There are several option available to you and they may change over time. Currently you have the following options in the order listed.
1. Pay via 'Credit Card/Christmas LayAway Orders'.
2. Credit Card via Paypal
If your select the first payment option, your credit card information is captured and your card is charged for the amount of your order when we make shipment. Remember: This is strictly for Chriasmas LayAway Orders!
If you select the second option, your payment information is processed and your card is charged at the time you place the order.
We have eliminated payment by "Invoice" and any other payment options since these options did not work will for our customers. How do I shop if I do not want to leave my credit card info on the web ... ?
Please review the details provided in the prior section!
Where else can I buy your products?
Although we import a number of our products lines directly from Germany, we do not distribute any of our products to other States within the United States. Essentially, we do not know where else you would be able to buy the products that we are offering in our store. All we can do is suggest that you use the Google search engine to find other sources for our product. We operate a store and do not offer a referral service. Thank you for asking, however.
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Exchange rates
If you are shopping from a foreign location or if you would like to see the equivalant cost of a product in a foreign currency, then please explore this site and select your exchange rate.

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