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Richard Glaesser Replacement Parts

Fan Assembly (Fluegelrad)  for Pyramids, Small

Fan Assembly (Fluegelrad) for Pyramids, Small

Ref: GLA-91468

In stock

Item No. GLA-91468

German Pyramid Fan Assembly Fluegelrad for Pyramids, Small
Strictly for Richard Glaesser Pyradmids, specifically for Item 163, 164
Size: Fixed- 13.5 cm diameter / 5.32 inches
Wheel contains 10 fixed blades
Imported from the Erzgebirge (Ore Mountain), Germany

This fan assembly fits any Richard Glaesser Pyramid starting with the numbers GLA-163 and GLA-164
Please be certain that you know the model number of the Glaesser Pyramid for which you are buying this part.

Price: $15.95 (Excluding SC State Sales Tax at 7%)

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